Volstead Pilsner

American Pre-Prohibition Pilsner

5.5% ABV | 40 IBU | 2 SRM

A pre-Prohibition “Western Lager” that’s crisp & refreshing. This is the beer our grandfathers paid a nickel for, complete with a free lunch. It’s also the beer that German immigrants created when they arrived here. Brewed with American Pilsner malt and American hops.

Food pairing: Golden Lagers with hoppy, crisp flavor profiles pair with fish, shellfish, sushi, Thai, Vietnamese and Indian dishes, ham, smoked salmon, sausages, and hors d’oeuvres.

Button IPA

West Coast India Pale Ale

7.0% ABV | 70 IBU | 8 SRM

An extremely hopped, full flavored and medium bodied India Pale Ale that is brewed with four different varieties of American hops. This West Coast style classic IPA is bursting with tart grapefruit flavors, excellent pine and citrus notes, and a very pleasant floral aroma.

Food pairing: India Pale Ales are hop centric with bold bitter flavors that heighten the impact of spicy dishes and barbecue.


Chiltepin Red Ale

Sonoran Spicy Red Ale

6.0% | 16 IBU | 18 SRM

This is our interpretation of a Sonoran style spicy beer. We have created a true original inspired by traditional Irish Red Ales and local chile peppers. Brewed with fresh lime peel and Chiltepins, which are virtually synonymous with Sonoran culture and, for that matter, the Sonoran desert. These tiny red, super-hot chilies have a marvelous flavor.

Food pairing: This Spicy Red Ale with medium body and balanced hopping pairs with roast pork, garde manger chef boards (bacon, ham, sausage, terrines, galantines and confit), roasted game birds, Sonoran hot dogs, tamales, and chicken enchiladas.

All Souls Stout

American Stout

5.0% ABV | 40 IBU | 40 SRM

This American stout was inspired by its English and Irish cousins. It is a deep, robust, and richly rewarding craft beer. It has distinct notes of coffee, chocolate, toffee, and caramel with just enough hop bite to round out this full-bodied stout. Served on Nitro, it has a satisfying creaminess that is sure to please all souls.

Food pairing: Black Ales and Stouts – featuring roasted flavors from dark malts and a bittersweet finish from hops – pair with red meats, hearty meals, and coffee/chocolate confections.


(Subject to Change)


Mesquite Porter (Autumn)

American Brown Porter

5.0% ABV | 35 IBU | 25 SRM

Our autumn seasonal is a well balanced Brown Ale without the roasted barley flavor of stout. Porters originated in England from a blend of beers known as “Entire” made from Sour Ale, Brown Ale and Weak Ale. We have taken this style and brewed it with mesquite pods and mequite honey sourced right here from the Sonoran desert.

Food pairing: Brown Ales with toasty, bready flavors and medium hop character pair with roasted meats and game meats, aged cheeses and caramel desserts.

Oma’s Java Stout (Winter)

Russian Imperial Stout

9.0% ABV | 50 IBU | 40 SRM

This winter seasonal is sure to warm you from the inside on a cold day. Inspired by brewers back in the 1800’s to win over the Russian Czar, this is the king of stouts. Rich and full-bodied, this imperial stout is brewed with cold brewed coffee acquired from local coffee roasters that imparts a pleasantly fresh coffee flavor with caramel, toffee, and huge chocolate and roasted malt flavors.

Food pairing: This coffee flavored Stout with huge chocolate flavors is the perfect companion for desserts such as tiramisu, chocolate lava cake, and brownies.


El Jefe Vice Bier (Spring)

German Hefeweissbier

5.0% ABV | 12 IBU | 4 SRM

“Hefe” means yeast, “Weissbier” means white beer. Hefeweissbier is an unfiltered wheat beer with a cloudy appearance. Wheat beers are also referred to as Weissbiers because before the invention of Pale Lagers and Pale Ales, most beers were dark. Brewed with Sonoran White Wheat grown in Marana, this refreshing spring seasonal has slight yeasty, bready and banana flavors, and is very lightly hopped employing very little hop bitterness.

Food pairing: Hefeweissbier are unfiltered, light straw-colored brews with slight yeasty flavors and banana notes, pair with soft cheeses, shellfish, mild barbecue and bratwurst.

Buttoned-Up IPA (Summer)

West Coast Light IPA

4.5% ABV | 50 IBU | 4 SRM

Regarding alcohol by volume this brew is a lighter version of the Button IPA, however this light-bodied, refreshing craft beer is bursting with tremendous hop flavors and aromas. This sessionable IPA is a great way to quench your thirst while cooling off during the hot summer months in Arizona.

Food pairing: Session IPAs are hop centric with bold bitter flavors that heighten the impact of spicy dishes, barbecue, poultry, sausages and breads.


Brewmaster’s Selections

These constantly rotating taps will be for seasonal, specialty, sour, and experimental brews that will change throughout the year. Some of them may coincide with the season we find ourselves in and some may not. It is exactly as the title intends, rolled out to keep the regulars intrigued, and newbies coming in to see what all the fuss is about.

Limited Releases

Featured each quarter, a one-time or series release of a special brew. Bottled in a 750 mL champagne bottle, may be numbered and signed by the brewer(s). These beers will be “table beers,” of the sharing kind, the kind of beers you enjoy with family and friends.

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