Button Brew House is a Microbrewery located in Marana, AZ creating community life that connects people, stories and all experiences through its values and passions. Joining the existing craft breweries in the Tucson area, it was created to serve a fast growing Craft Beer Industry. Button Brew House provides a warm and inviting atmosphere like no other, where people seeking authentic craft experiences can get together to enjoy great company and an eclectic array of world-class craft beverages while helping to build better communities through innovation, tradition, and sustainability.


We would like to share with you our passion for Craft Beer. We have been foodies ever since we can remember, and for us Craft Beer is an extension of food. We have found an industry that is really more of a community, a culture all its own. And that culture is Craft Beer. It is beer that has a story, it is beer that has a purpose, diversity, detail and history. But more than that, it is an opportunity to build a better community. We need people who are willing to stand up for better ideas, and the solution is simple if you want better businesses and better communities: Just do it. Be a better business, make a better product, contribute to building a better community.


A lot of people want to know, what is Craft Beer? What makes it so different, so special? It’s not about how many gallons are produced or how long you’ve been around. What makes Craft Beer so special, so important is that with every sip you take, you can taste the full intent, history and purpose of the people who made it and shared it with you.

Button Brew House – Where Great Craft Lives!


Button Brew House is a Limited Liability Company founded by Todd and Erika Button. They are self-proclaimed foodies and enthusiasts of high-quality Craft Beer.


Todd has more than 14 years of experience in business management and as an entrepreneur. He is a self-motivated, dedicated leader who promotes maintaining respectful relationships within a team. Todd has strong overall business and implementation skills, he is extremely passionate, has patience and perseverance, and an uncanny attention to detail. In addition to Todd’s business management and team leadership skills he is also currently working as a beertender at Tucson Hop Shop and has also done a great deal of research on the industry.

Portland State University – Business of Craft Brewing Diploma

American Brewers Guild – Intensive Brewing Science & Engineering Diploma


Erika has incredible drive for entrepreneurial ventures. As part of Button Brew House she comes with over 12 years of experience in business management, marketing, publicity and graphic design. For the past 10 years she has operated a successful and profitable full service graphic design firm. She has an extraordinary creative mind and an extensive skill-set related to building a strong on-line presence through SEO, social media, strategic digital advertising and key word buys. Erika understands how to create a business identity that gains positive attention through publicity, and networking with key media outlets.

San Francisco State University – Bachelors of Art, Design & Industry



The flagship beer will be the “Chiltepín Red Ale”, a unique twist to a red ale, brewed with spicy Sonoran chiltepíns and fresh lime peel.

If you are not familiar with chile lore, chiltepíns are small, fiery, round peppers that are found in Arizona, Texas and Mexico. They are the subject of many legends, stories and myths in the area, both in Mexico and the United States. The chiltepín is not just the primordial pepper but also an integral part of the social, cultural, and economic fabric and an incredibly addictive spice in its own right.


1) To start, we will have Four Year-Round Classics always available.

2) Four Seasonal Rotations per year available for three months each.

3) Three or more Brewmaster’s Selections per month, rotated throughout the year.

4) Four Limited Releases per year.


6800 North Camino Martin Suite 160 approximately 10 minutes north of downtown Tucson near Ina Road and Interstate-10.


No, but you can bring WHATEVER you want to eat! In addition, we will collaborate with local food trucks and restaurants to have food available and/or delivered to patrons at the Brewery.

If you get the munchies and just want something… We will carry LOCAL prepackaged snacks and non-alcoholic beverages available for purchase.

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